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World’s first ICO funding a

First mining project brought to blockchain under smart contract










Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 PGM




1st Round


2nd Round


3rd Round


4th Round


Members : 82

ICO Stage : 25/02/18 - 30/03/18

BTC/USD : $7671.54

ETH/USD : $516.89

About Us

PG Mining is created with the goal of extracting Gold from one of the largest and richest mines in the country. We have partenered with a Trust from California to use our ICO to fund the excavation and mineral extraction process.

The Poker Game Mine is a set of 50 federal lode mining claims totaling close to 1,000 acres. The mine is estimated to contain over 42 million tons of ore , with a conservative estimated economic potential of $9 to $20 billion. In addition to gold and silver, the mine is also rich in copper, lead, and zinc

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PGM Advantages

ICO backed by mine production

The ICO will be backed by the Poker Game Mine. The funds will be used to excavate and refine all minerals to sell in the market.

Value increasing tokens

The tokens will be backed by the gold mine, thus making the token price increase.

Real Project

Many ICO projects are not backed by a real project and still generate value for tokens. This project is as real as it can get.

What is the name of the mine and where is it located?

Poker Game Mine, Esmerelda County, Nevada, USA

The Poker Game Mine is a set of seven federal lode mining claim blocks consisting of 50 individual ±20-acre mining claims totaling about 995 acres along the central and southwestern portions of Slate Ridge, Esmeralda County, Nevada. It is located within the Gold Point Mining District, which is noted for rich veins of gold and silver, as well as the base metal suites of copper, lead, and zinc.

Token Price


$0.50 cents

Feb 25th - Mar 7th


available PGM tokens

Phase 1

$0.85 cents

Mar 8th-Mar 12th


available PGM tokens

Phase 2

$1.05 cents

Mar 13th-Mar 17th


available PGM tokens

Phase 3

$1.40 cents

Mar 18th-Mar 24th


available PGM tokens

Phase 4

$1.75 cents

Mar 25th-Apr 30th


available PGM tokens

PGM Roadmap

World’s biggest ICO advantages

Our advantages are:

Real project behind our ICO.
Real mine with precious metals.
We do all mineral extraction and refining.
Use PGM tokens to purchase gold straight from our mine.
Exchange PGM tokens for ETH, BTC or any other crypto.

Take a look at the Poker Game mine

Team Members


Marketing and operations manager.

Noe Granados was born in Colombia, lived a short season in New York, then returned to his country where he graduated as a Systems Engineer in 1994, his career for more than 25 years has been focused on developing, coordinating and supporting projects at both private and at the government level, in different areas highlighting the financial and human resources.

At the beginning of his career he was a professor in the systems subject, then worked for different companies as advisor and IT specialist, he has studied in management and general direction, commercial negotiation specialized in information systems, among others.

In recent years he has been focused on the real estate sector in the United States, and is also participating in innovation projects in Colombia


Mark Kelly


Mark Kelly was born in Boston Massachusetts. He graduated from Northeastern University in 1979 with an Engineering Degree. He proceeded to be a United Parcel Engineer in the NYC office, as a region I Engineer and National Engineer for special assignment.

Raising a family of 4 children, Mark traveled on thousands of projects in 45 states throughout the United States.

Mark is a licensed OSHA instructor for the past 30 years.

During the last 8 years, Mark has visited Dominican Republic & Haiti and co-authored the North West development project. Which is the largest project in Caribbean history.

Joseph Jeudy


Joseph Jeudy was born in Haiti and later became a US citizen, approx. 25 yrs. ago. Joe has formed a lucrative automotive auction business, taxi Medallion Company, and developed a shopping plaza in downtown Boston.

Joe has a family of 4 children in Massachusetts, and has become a leader in the Dominican Republic and Haitian American community.

Joe is co-author in the North West development project, which is the largest project in Caribbean history.

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PG Mining is created with the desire to exploit access to the Poker Game Mine and bring the best opportunity for token holders. You will be able to use your tokens in exchange for excavation production, sell them or trade them for other cryptocurrencies.


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